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The WWR CUP 2005 International Western Riding Show in Poland

The WWR Team, The Transterm Company and Iwno Horse Stud Managment will be hosting the largest International, Polish Western and Rodeo League approved show in Poland: The WWR CUP 2005 International Western Riding Show.

WWR CUP will take place at Iwno Horse Stud (200 km from German border) on the 11th-12th of June, 2005.

Since the beginning of the existence of the equestrian Internet portal, WWR (www.wild-west-riders.com) our priorities have been centered around promoting western riding and rodeos in Poland. We have helped popularize these sports in many ways such as providing training materials, access to up-to-date information from both Polish and foreign publications, and hosting meetings and training seminars in cooperation with The Polish Western Riding & Rodeo League, The National Reining Horse Association, The American Quarter Horse Association, The American Paint Horse Association, The National Reined Cow Horse Association, and The Deutsche Quarter Horse Association.

The year 2005 shows even more promise as our events are drawing more and more fans and sponsors. This progress has led to the idea of hosting a periodic Polish western riding competition under the name of The WWR CUP. The focal point of this competition will be to create an entertaining new event for the public and draw attention to the sport in the hopes of attracting new riders.

Aldona Karpinska and WE Kila Pine Poco, AQH stallion (Photo: Marek Zajac)

The first occasion of the WWR Cup took place near Poznan, at Iwno Horse Stud. Through the wide promotion of sponsors and the Polish national and local media, the event drew 40 of the best Polish competitors and thousands of spectators making it a truly great event.

This year, the second WWR Cup will reach Central and Western Europe. We are promoting this event in the Polish and foreign media and Iwno will be hosting a competition featuring an international group of riders. We hope this next phase of our long-term plan to promote western riding in Poland will meet with your approval and that every year it will become more and more attractive.

Western riding started in Poland in the early 90’s, but truly blossomed in 2002. Poland has one of the fastest growing western riding markets in Europe. The western riding scene in Poland is very active with two associations, The Polish Western and Rodeo League, and The Polish Reining Horse Association. We see great potential for the future. Also, Polish riders are currently participating in European shows outside of Poland such as “The Americana” and “The Wooden Trophy”.

Iwno Horse Stud is located in the town of Iwno, a traditional Polish village, 30km from Poznan. This is a location that is very important to Polish riding whose history began in the 14th century. This history is related to the acquisition of lands owned by Count Ignacy Mielzynski in 1848. Mielzynski started breeding noble horses in 1901. In 1916, he imported 16 full-blooded mares, which began the breeding racehorses. After the Second World War, Iwno Stud was reestablished with Polish horses returned from Germany and a group of mares imported from the United Kingdom. Important successes of the Iwno breeding program were realized in 1957, when the stallion Peary (born in 1954, Sickingen - Polar Ice) won the Derby Award. 42 full-blooded mares now stand at Iwno.

In 1990, State Stud Iwno brought in the German stallion, Saphir (born 1985, Surumu – Smeralda/Dschingis Khan). This stallion gave great progeny, which, with their successes on racecourses, restored Iwno to the top of Polish stud farms. This progeny includes the following stallions: Tripolis, Dzielzan, Dogmat, Bukinista, Ekrazyt, and Somerton as well as these mares: Skulica, Strefa, Tewa, Ognica, Sorbona and Sotnia.

At the hippodrome in Iwno, for tens of years, the prestigious jumping horse and dressage competition, the Blue Ribbon of Wielkopolska, has taken place. In 2004, in cooperation with the Transterm Company and the www.wild-west-riders.com portal office, the first Polish western competition was brought off.

Ewelina Zon and Apacz, Angloarabian gelding (Photo: Marek Zajac)

This year the competition is connected with a mini fair of the latest trends, breeding horses, equipment and other related topics. Polish and foreign exhibitors will visit the fair, and there will be the possibility to expand trade contacts and make new ones.

The WWR CUP 2005 will consist of the following events and classes: Reining Open, Reining Youth, Jackpot Reining Junior, Jackpot Reining Non Pro, Western Pleasure Open, Western Pleasure Youth, Trail Open, Trail Youth, Barrel Racing All Ages, and Pole Bending All Ages.

We would like to invite all riders to participate in the WWR CUP show, as it will be a great opportunity to introduce you to the Polish market and to make new contacts. The top three contestants in each of the categories will receive attractive cash prizes.

Only in Jackpot classes will there be valuable non-cash prizes. In addition the winners in the respective competitions will receive souvenir cups and will get decorative floes. The organizers are also planning for other non-cash prizes.

More information is available on our official website:


For further information please contact:

Show Manager: Daniel Jastrzebowski +48600 427 774

E-mail: wwrcup@transterm.com.pl

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