torsdag den 22. september 2005

„Slide & Smile” in the heart of Europe

NRHA Lawson Bronze Trophy for the first time in Czech Republic ... 6.000 USD

Due to its position in the middle of the Continent, the Czech Republic is often called “the heart of Europe”. The sport of Reining, a modern and dynamic discipline, is gaining in popularity in this country. For the first time in NRHA history the Lawson Bronze Trophy will be held in the area of Middle and Eastern Europe.

As we want to point out that reining above all means great experiences and fun, we have named the event “Slide & Smile”.

“Slide & Smile” is one of the last reining events in Europe. It will be held at well-known training center Nová Amerika by Jaroměř (Czech Republic), where all reiners will meet in October 22, 2005.

There is 4000 USD in prize money for NRHA Lawson Bronze Trophy OPEN class and 2000 USD for NRHA Lawson Bronze Trophy Non Pro class.

The competition will be judged by two experienced judges from Austria, Sylvia Katschker and Klaus Fock.

CRI-B competition, organized by FEI, has been added to the program. This will allow Czech riders to qualify for participation at WEG in Aachen in 2006.

NRHA Czech, a new organization established in Czech Republic to support NRHA competitions, tries its utmost to make this happen. We believe this year is going to be the first one of many others that will follow and that new tradition will be set up!

Jaroslav Havlik, NRHA Czech

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