onsdag den 28. januar 2009

Roleski 4 Spins 2009

For the first time ever, Poland will host Futurity classes at the Roleski 4 Spins IV show.

Roleski 4 Spins is the biggest reining show in Poland. It attracts riders from Poland, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Czech Rep., USA.

Among them there are such names as: Dennis Schulz, Alexander Ripper, Markus Morawitz, Clint Ramsey, Toon de Roy.

This year we will host 4 NRHA approved shows at the Roleski Ranch. Those shows will form a circuit. The winner of the circuit will be awarded a custom saddle sponsored by Marisita Saddles (worth 6000 USD). The total purse for those four shows is 43 400 USD and a total of 10 Lawson Bronze Trophies.

Conditions (PDF)

Program (PDF)

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