fredag den 21. august 2009

Great success of AQHA summer hattrick in Poland

Looked for a couple of months AQHA hattrick in Roleski Ranch has become very succesful.

According to expectations, the end of July was very intersting for Polish lovers of American Quarter Horse. Between 20 and 23 July took place the first edition of AQHA Horsemanhip Camp, during which there was a great possibility in taking advantage at theoretical and working knowledge about western riding, but most of all about American Quarter Horse issues ( horse build, treatment, breeding and feeding). For three days our friends from Texas Tech University in Lubbock: Alicia Daugherty, Jennifer Richards, Lindsey Frick & Zack Burson were giving us a great knowledge by interpreting the following issues not only theoretical but in also practical in the saddle.

Training camp was finished with mini-competitions in which competitiors could start and judge themselves in trainer's care. That was a great introduction to PLQHA All Novice Show.

When our guests from Texas were leaving Roleski Ranch there were already some preparations to PLQHA All Novice Show working on progress. In this event, except competitors, started some horse & rider combination from Poland.

The show was very popular and oranizers noted 59 starts. According to expectations the most popular was Reining which has been growing up in strenght in Poland from years, but there were also many competitors in other ones.

First three places in every class was honored by awards: cups (performance classes) & trophies (halter classes).

Also these who scored the biggest points in Amateur (Izablla Zarnawska – Red Bronco Bonanza) & Youth (Olga Leszczaniecka – Scorps Tuffy) were awarded Hy O Silver texas buckles.

But that's not the end of it. There was a special prize from the judge Dagmar Zenker. Three young competitiors: Olga Leszczaniecka, Dominika Dubowik & Gabriela Pacyna were given one weeks training stay in Mrs Zenker Trainig Center in Munster which will be finished by taking place in AQHA All Novice Show.

Training , competitions and sport. AQHA hattrick is also a little bit of pleasure of riding without great rivalization.

In the 26 July the day after PLQHA All Novice Show took place the first AQHA Trail Ride organized by friendly Furioso facility. 19 riders during a couple of hours were admiring beautiful charm of Little Poland riding through grasslands fileds, woods, hills and valleys. As a Trail Boss performed multiple Polish Raining Champion and Furioso owner - Aleksander Jarmula.

He was helped by also good known polish trainer Wojciech Adamczyk

That were unforgettable moments which confirmed calm and perfect quater horse breed character of American quater horse. Not only succesfull on the sport arena but also in trail riding.

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