søndag den 28. marts 2010

Bökeberg Challenge 2010, Sweden

Hi Everyone

Our first big show in Sweden is about to take place during Easter weekend 2-4/4
We will give all riders the opportunity to enter until the day before the class is held.

We have a few stalls left so if you feel that this is the show for you send in your application right away.
We are sorry that the info are only available in Swedish but If you want to come just send us an e-mail and we are more than happy to help you to get it done.

The Bökeberg Challenge will be held at the beautiful facility Bökeberg Arena www.bokeberg.com which is situated just 30 minutes from the bridge between Denmark and Sweden.
It is also just 1 hour from the ferrys to Germany.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to show in one of the most stunning arenas in Europe and with a ground that are made for the western riding disciplines!
We will give you a 2 x AQHA show, 2 x APHA show, Allbreed classes as well as the PREMIERE for 1 x ApHc show.
All levels of classes in all associations, Nov Amateur, Beginner, Youth you name it and we got it.

What about our CUP classes!
You qualify in your Open or Youth breed class and the pay 300 :- to be able to enter the Cup Final….
The top two from each class and judge will qualify into the Final with 5000:- to share among the top 5 riders.

As of now we have 100 horses and around 500 entries, the patterns are already published on the official website www.wris.nu and we will also publish the entries as well as the stall chart as soon as it is done.

We wish YOU a warm welcome to Sweden, Skåne and Bökeberg!

Med Vänlig Hälsning/Kind Regards
Monica Widh

Ordförande WRIS (Western Ryttarna i Skåne)
Show & Event manager

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