onsdag den 17. november 2010

Press Release from Western Sweden

Western Sweden (WS) decided at its meeting in October at High Chaparral in Hillerstorp to give Bokeberg mandate to arrange the 2011 Swedish Championships (SM). Contest Dates are July 17 to 23 2011th

A single SM is a major project in terms of organizing and WS think it's best for the development of a shared SM is that Bokeberg and Monica Widh based on the experience of 2010 also organizes contest 2011th. Adjustments in the competition will be made and hopefully there after we will have a framework for how our SM should be arranged in the future.

WS are going to come out with an open invitation to all show organizers to arrange the joint SM 2012th. Interested organizers are invited to visit SM 2011 Bokeberg to get an idea of the event's scope.

A competition calendar for 2011 will be compiled on the last in November 2010 and presented jointly on the websites of all members of the WS.
Furthermore, Western Sweden has decided to be in a common stand on EuroHorse, in Gothenburg February 2011.

Western Sweden has also taken on a new president in Ulf Owenede and WS do thank Tommie Eriksson for his much appreciated work as chairman of WS.

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