torsdag den 31. august 2006

The PLQHA are on the move

On August, 20th 2006 the governing board of the Polish Quarter Horses Association was established.

The president of the Association is Mr. Piotr M. Rudnicki. The vice-presidents are Mr. Daniel Jastrzebowski and Mr. Michal Zarnawski. Also Mrs. Katarzyna Roleska is in charge of treasury and Mr. Marek Nortman was appointed secretary general.

The Association has finally complied all government and legal procedure and are now ready to start.

The first, organizational meeting was held on October, 1st 2005, but the PLQHA was registered by court on June, 21st 2006.

This year the Association organized the first AQH halter classes event in Poland, and the Year-End Awards will be presented at PLQHA gala dinner. The Association have an official web site and an office located in Warsaw.

In 2007 the PLQHA plan to join AQHA and organize several AQHA approved shows in Poland.

The Association currently has 46 members owning more than 100 quarter horses.


Polish Quarter Horse Association

Zadumana 11 / 53

02-206 Warsaw, Poland


Mr. Piotr M. Rudnicki, president of the PLQHA, with Dualenas Dunnit AQH mare at first halter classes event in Poland - PWRC Bednarki 2006

Mr Rudnicki win 3-years old mares class

Mrs. Barbara Pajor with halter event trophies

Mr Rudnicki and AQHA judge Maik Bartmann (Germany)

Mr Alex Jarmula, member of the PLQHA, the best Polish reiner

Official logo of the PLQHA

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