torsdag den 15. marts 2007

Mallorca Western Festival meets Apassionata - a sensational alliance!

Together with Europe’s most successful horse-gala the Mallorca Western Festival will create a spectacular one-of-a-kind riding and show event.

After the overwhelming success of the Mallorca Western Festival 2006, this year another true highlight will be presented as the crowd puller APASSIONATA (2 MIO visitors) joins the event.

„The response to the first MWF 2006 was so overwhelming that we are excited of being part of this event. The breathtaking bullfighting arena in Palma offers the perfect location for our show“, states Peter Massine, APASSIONATA´s organizer. Both concepts stand for a new symbiosis of top class riders, precious horses, spectacular shows and great emotions. September this year, both shows will melt to Europe’s biggest Western- and horseshow event. Frank Lichte, Mallorca Western Festival Event Director: “We are proud to have APASSIONATA on board! Together we will create an event which attracts all kind of horse and event fans from all over the world“.

From September, 19th to 23rd, Palmas bullfighting arena will be transformed into a true Wild West World. During daytime, the “Mallorca Reining Trophy“ and “North-America against the rest of the world“ will guarantee thrilling competitions when the international Reining elite competes for the total amount of 200.000 $ prize money. Outside the arena a Western city with Saloon, exhibitors, attractions and a fantastic kid’s world will offer entertainment during the whole day. A broad range of typical catering will invite to dwell and to enjoy the taste of original country life inspired by the “Old and the New World”.

When dawn puts the arena into a smashing atmosphere, the APASSIONATA will begin. On 3 out of 5 days, the visitors will be able to watch a special “best of”-edition of APASSIONATA- customized for the Mallorca Western Festival. A perfect mixture of horsemanship, gorgeous costumes, music especially composed for the show, fantastic stage decoration and much more breathtaking show-elements will center beautiful horses and entertain the audience at the highest stage. The complex light show in such a unique scenery will cause great emotions under the Spanish night sky.

APASSIONATA´s numerous show- elements take the audience on a trip into all different riding styles- from classic dressage to Spanish “Doma Vaquera”. Combined with thrilling stunts and funny pony-dressage, APASSIONATA does not only fascinate horse- apassionatos but everyone young and young at heart as well. Every element for itself expresses the passion for the creature horse and enchants the audience during the whole show.

From March, 10th to 18th the Mallorca Western Festival will be presented at the Equitana (the world biggest international horse fair in Essen/Germany) and therefore lengthens its offer of early bird vacation packages till March, 31st. Starting with 399 EUR, the trip including all transfers, tickets and accommodation will be available.

The new prices all additional information will be updated soon at

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