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ROLESKI 4 SPINS 2007 – warm-up show on Saturday, 12th May

The first ever NRHA approved show in Poland, Roleski 4 Spins, attracts more and more interest not only among Polish reiners but also trainers from neighbour countries.

In order to make the show even more attractive, Roleski Ranch and Polish Reining Horse Association have decided to add a warm-up reining show on Saturday, 12th May.

The warm-up show will allow riders and horses to familiarize with the showgrounds and to prepare them for Sunday’s NRHA show. Although the warm-up show is non-approved, it will offer prize money and will be judged by both Juergen von Bistram and Joerg Boes.

Trophy saddle is ready!

The trophy saddle sponsored by Frinta Saddlery is ready and waiting for the NRHA Open champion. The custom made KK Reiner III saddle is worth 1500 euro and has some special features, such as the logo of the show and “NRHA Open Champion” inscription engraved on the fenders.

Frinta Saddlery is the official saddlery of Deutsche Quarter Horse Association. This Czech company has already given several saddles for such big events as Americana in Augsburg or Celadna Ride & Slide in Czech Rep. Frinta saddles are used by such trainers as Chuck Klipfel (USA) or Christian Mantler (Austria).

Roleski 4 Spins show is the first ever NRHA approved show in Poland. The show is made possible thanks to the joint efforts of the Polish Reining Horse Association, Roleski Ranch and Roleski company.

PLRHA was created by 13 founding members not only from Poland but also from other countries. Among them there are members from the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Canada and the USA. PLRHA became the first and, for the moment, the only Polish western riding association recognized internationally. In 2005 PLRHA was the co-organizer of the first ever NRHA USA show in Central Europe – the Celadna Ride & Slide.

Roleski Ranch is one of the biggest Western Riding Centers in Poland. Located in Stare Zukowice - approximately 90 km east of Cracow - it has been in use since 2005, is still under development and is planned to be finished in 2007. It offers boxes for about 60 horses, indoor arena (30 x 80 m) with a capacity of 800 seats for visitors, outside track (40 x 50m), cozy and comfortable guestrooms, all installations end equipment needed for shows, horse training and breeding. Roleski Ranch pays a lot of attention to the facilities and service quality, that's why Bob Kiser from the Kiser Arena Specialists (USA) - reining footing expert worldwide - was invited to share his knowledge and expertise.

For more information please visit:

www.4spins.plrha.pl, www.roleskiranch.com and www.plrha.pl

Contact persons:

Michal Pec, Show Manager, mipe@wp.pl, +48 698-167-047

Katarzyna Pec, Show Secretary, pecka@wp.pl, +48 604-691-475

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