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– a new page in Polish reining history!

Spectators gathered in Stare Zukowice were watching the history of Polish reining in the making. Roleski 4 Spins was by far the biggest reining show in Poland ever. The first ever NRHA approved show in our country attracted many local and foreign riders and also drew a lot of attention from medias.

Six months of preparations by the Polish Reining Horse Association, Roleski Ranch and Roleski Company resulted in the biggest reining event on Polish soil. There was 4600 USD added money, two Lawson Bronze Trophies, a trophy Saddle offered by Frinta Saddlery and additional prizes sponsored by Equi Store.

Early in the morning the bar was placed high as Clint Ramsey (USA) guided BRS Freckles Payday to a score of 143, showing fast spins, long stops and good speed control. But it wasn’t enough to win the NRHA Intermediate Open. Dennis Schulz (AUT) astride Ninjajac Hollywood earned a score of 144 and the Int. Open Champion title. With his second horse, Roosters Hot Piq, Clint Ramsey finished third, scoring 141,5. The highest ranked Polish rider was Wojciech Adamczyk on Miles O Rima, who tied for fourth place with Hynek Fister (CZE), riding Conquistador Dun Me.

There was 7 horse and riders combinations nominated to the NRHA Rookie. The highest score was posted by Ondrej Slamjak (CZE), who guided Smart Little Joker to a score of 137,5. Adrian Motyka riding Miles O Rima was only one half point behind them. The third place honours went to Katarzyna Szymanska aboard Genesis Number Five.

Two riders dominated the NRHA Snaffle Bit/Hackamore Open, giving no chances to other competitors. Clint Ramsey earned a score of 143, riding a 4-year-old mare Wishin Smart and Hynek Fister (CZE) was second with a score of 140, aboard Fives Rooster.

Marketa Kusova from Czech Rep. was cheered by the crowd for her very fast run with Chexs Golden Shoot. She earned her a first place in NRHA Youth 14-18, with an impressive advantage over Ema Lupacova (CZE) and Katarzyna Szumanska (POL).

Kusova did an even better run in NRHA Non Pro, scoring 139 and earning a respectable third place with a prize money of 400 USD. The Reserve Champion title went to Matthias Borrack (GER) aboard FF Play My CD. The score of 139,5 earned them 700 USD. The best run in Non Pro was made by Bianca Reindl from Austria. Riding Bakony Red, Bianca showed nice sets of spins, very good speed control and correct stops. With a score of 142 they won the first ever Lawson Bronze Trophy awarded in Poland and a paycheck of 900 USD.

There was 19 horse and rider combinations nominated for the Lawson Bronze Trophy Open, representing Austria, Czech Rep., Germany, Poland and Slovakia. They crowd was curious if Clint Ramsey will manage to bring all of his three mounts to first three places. But it was mission impossible, as Dennis Schulz once again posted the highest score with Ninjajac Hollywood. A very good performance earned him a score of 144,5, his ninth bronze trophy in the career and the custom saddle offered by Frinta Saddlery from Czech Rep. Ramsey finished second with BRS Freckles Payday, scoring a 142. Just one half point behind him was Klara Salkova (CZE) on Smart Little Joker, showing smooth spins and long stops. The score of 141,5 is even more impressive if we consider the fact, that she was riding the 5-year-old stallion for the first time since October. With her second horse, Brooks Legacy, Klara tied for fourth place with the best Polish rider, Aleksander Jarmula on Blue Eyechic BB.

Roleski 4 Spins certainly marks a new page in the history of Polish reining. The show drew a lot of attention from newspapers, radio stations and gathered a really large crowd of spectators. One of the biggest Polish TV channel is preparing a coverage from the show, featuring interviews with Dennis Schulz, Bianca Reindl, Clint Ramsey and Wojciech Adamczyk. All the riders emphasized on the good ground and a very smooth organization of the event.

(Se resultatliste HER)

Matthias Borrack on FF Play My CD

Dariusz Teneta on Great Broady Pine

Marketa Kusova on Chexs Golden Shoot

Dennis Schulz awards

Dennis Schulz on Ninjajac Hollywood

Klara Salkova on Smart Little Joker

Clint Ramsey on Wishin Smart

Photos: Katarzyna Pec

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