torsdag den 21. juni 2007

Mallorca Western Festival News

Mallorca Western Festival enriches its tournament program with a „Non Pro“ competition.

In terms of competing for the highest price money in Europe, not only professional reining rider shall benefit from this year´s Mallorca Western Festival hold from 19th to 23rd of September. Festival promotor Event Consulting International informs that „Non Pro´s“ will have the opportunity to ride for an interesting award of 30.000 USD. This decision was just recently taken by Event Consulting International Director Frank Lichte with reference to various conversations held with several riders from all over Europe.

The most interesting news of an „Non-Pro“ competition is that only amateur riders participate in this class. This means a huge difference from the other two open competitions with no restrictions which therefore give professional riders a clear advantage. Frank Lichte from Event Consulting International is more than happy about these news: „We are excited to observe some movements on the winner´s podium. Our hope is to witness the birth of a new star at the western firmament“.

Have you checked today ?!

(Kilde: Pressemeddelelse, Event Consulting International, juni 2007)

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