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AQHA Management Seminar

Malmö 17-18 May 08 at Elite Hotel residens.

This is the second AQHA Management Seminar in Scandinavia.

Proudly presented by The Swedish Quarter Horse conducted by AQHA and AQHA International Director David Avery.

The seminar is open to all that has a genuine interest in arrange or manage an AQHA show. Or those who have an interest in how the AQHA and/or their shows work.

This seminar will give you the tool to AQHA Show arranging and how to handle the press, sponsors and so on. The seminar will also give you handy tip on how to make your show work and how to fill out an application as well as how to report results to AQHA.

It will be time for discussion as well as time to ask questions during the seminar.

The seminar will be held in English

This Seminar will give you the right to arrange and manage AQHA Shows for 5 years from seminar date. A Diploma will be awarded to all participants.

We recommend to book your hotel room at the Elite Hotel Residens and the cost for a single room are 1050:- sek ink breakfast. is where you can find a map of the hotel localisation.

If you share room it is an additional cost of 200:- sek for the extra person in the room.

You have too book your room your self and when you call give this code to access our rebated rooms: CODE 307147

The Seminar cost will be 1500 :- Sek / pers, coffee morning and afternoon as well as lunch both days are included.

If you want the Show seminarbook with all information in regards to your job as a manager or secretary at a AQHA show.

The cost for the Book are, 200:-

Seminar costs are to be paid to SQHA account:

Swedish citizens: postalgiro 88 02 96-9,

European citizens: IBAN: SE66 3000 0000 0412 8130 2763


Seminar starts 10.00 am Saturday, and end about around 5.00 pm Sunday

Are you interested of participating, fill out the application form and send it to:

Monica Widh

Östraby 9172

242 97 Hörby Sweden.

Last day of applications are 5 of may.

Questions are welcome and can be e-mailed to or

call +46 705 21 22 04

Welcome to Malmö and Sweden


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