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Programme for the 3rd Mallorca Western Festival is fixed

World Class Riding and Entertainment – A programme for the whole family.

International Riders as well as international Shows confirmed their participation at the 3rdMallorca Western Festival. During 4 days PalmasPlaza the Toros will be the main attraction in town.

Several competitions will be shown which dispose over a USD 170.000 record price money pool.

In his brand new show François Pignon will be going to demonstrate us that horses also know how to play and how impressive human artists may be their partners.

The programme for the 3rd Mallorca Western Festival is fixed. A festival which will be highly sportive and entertaining at the same time.

Fans of Western Riding will see a thrilling competition

The best Western Riders affirmed to come to compete in the supreme discipline “Reining”. The horses as well as the riders have to prove their abilities in a complicated course which has to be accomplished in gallop. The main difference to the classic dressage is that Western Riders only use one hand to carry their horses and apparently slacken the reins. The horse has to be carried fast but softly as well even when doing quick stops and pirouettes.

Classification „Mallorca Reining Trophy“(Reining Open): 19.9.

Final „ Mallorca Reining Trophy „ 20.9.

Mallorca “Non Pro” Reining: 21.9.

Barrel Race and Trail Class: 21.9.

Dense presence of Mallorquin and Menorquin horses

Who has an interest in wonderful Menorquin horses will see some interesting presentations on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th . The full-blooded Mallorquin horses will be shown all three days (19th, 20th and 21th).

One highlight will be the Copa „Es Cavall“ from the Mallorquin association of full-blooded horses. It is a “must see” for horse specialists because different races and audits will be presented.

The “Consell de Mallorca” is patronizing the exiting dressage audit of the full-blooded studs on Saturday 20th which will also be honoured by the Consell itself.

Back to the medieval times of the 14th century

There will be a nice surprise waiting for the visitors coming on Sunday 21th because they will have the chance to meet some knights in action. The noble King Sancho has invited some fearless knights from nearby kingdoms to compete in a battle. Exciting moments and a travel back to the medieval times will await the audience in this show offered by Son Amar

“Tolerance”: A breathtaking and amazing new show by François Pignon

That Pignon’s show is something very special you will recognize within the very first moments. He doesn’t use a horsewhip. Instead of using a horsewhip he prefers to talk to his horses. His concept is overwhelming and amazing. To train the horses he prefers to keep them in a good mood instead of using pressure. Only lucky horses are ready to play and to show the stunning tricks they are able to do, says Pignon. For the horses it is a game for the spectators it is a world of fascination.

Absolutely worth seeing: 19th, 20th and 21th.


3. Mallorca Western Festival

18.-21.September 2008

Plaza de Toros, Palma

More than 600 barrels of sand will change the place into a real Western World.

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