tirsdag den 20. juli 2010

Results from Swedish Championships 2010

The Swedish Championships is now over for 2010.

We had a little bit lower number of entries than expected but enough to make it a great event.
More than 130 horses entered the show and among them where the top horses and riders in most classes.
Open Reining had the most entries with a total of 50 reiners.

Some of the classes have never been arranged at the facility before and that made it a little bit trickier to give them the same excellent conditions as the ones that we always offer and know.

But everything was done according to the rulebooks stated in the invitation and the judges where very good in helping us do the entire classes fair and correct. Some minor delays happened but nothing that moved the schedule more than half an hour.

Med Vänlig Hälsning/Kind Regards
Monica Widh

Ordförande WRIS (Western Ryttarna i Skåne)
Show & Event manager

Se medaljevinderne HER
Se finaleresultaterne HER

Se de samlede resultater, del 1-2, HER
Se de samlede resultater, del 3-4, HER

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